Realcorp utilise the most innovative and modern cleaning equipment and techniques to ensure that our service continues to remain above the curve.

All Realcorp procurement is strategically assessed to ensure that equipment is highly effective, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe for our staff and clients. Our key supply chain partners include:



For over 75 years in Australia, Oates have been the leaders in innovation and design of cleaning equipment and products. Notably, Oates have developed and in our opinion are the best in their field in micro fibre flat mopping systems. These systems extract more dirt than conventional mops, require minimal or no chemicals and can be washed and reused which results in a low carbon footprint.

Realcorp work with the Oates Innovation team to test new products and provide direct feedback on industry needs.



Karcher are a global leader in efficient, resource-conserving cleaning machinery. Karcher share our philosophy of constantly trying to achieve the best solution to every cleaning task, and for this reason Realcorp use Karcher for the majority of our machinery needs. Realcorp has direct access to Karcher Australia headquarters and regularly attain advice on which of the 1,300 patented machines and products are best suited for each of our clients’ unique requirements.



FreshOps is a Time and Attendance and Field Management system which we use as a valuable tool to manage our staff on the ground. Staff are required to check in and check out of each shift by scanning their phones to a GPS tracked QR tag located at each site. The system measures to the second how long each staff member has been on site and alerts management if there are ever ‘late’, ‘under scheduled time’, ‘over scheduled time’ or ‘no show’ shifts. Every shift is required to be approved online by the Site Supervisor. 


Victorian Cleaning Supplies

Realcorp use Victorian Cleaning Supplies for our consumable, general equipment and maintenance requirements. Victorian Cleaning Supplies have significant industry experience and our experience has shown that they deliver a professional and friendly service.